The President’s Club is an awards banquet for all Sterling employees, their guest, and Diamond Level Sponsors to gather for a night to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year with dinner, awards, and camaraderie.

The President’s Club Awards Banquet was developed in 2013 to honor and recognize those who have gone above and beyond in their role and set the standard for contribution and development, inspiring others to do the same.

Date: Friday, December 1st, 2017 at 5:30PM

Attire: Semi-Formal

President’s Club Registration

Location: Sioux City Convention Center

801 4th Street, Sioux City, IA 51101

Hotel: Stoney Creek Hotel

300 3rd Street, Sioux City, IA 51101

All Sterling staff, plus one guest, are invited to join our annual awards banquet. Sterling pays for each employee’s flight and one hotel room for Friday, December 1st. However, Sterling does not pay for your guest’s flight. You can book your travel through Concur and indicate that it is for the 2017 President’s Club. Please follow all company travel policies when booking. For any travel or Concur questions, please contact Tamie Davey.

The President’s Club award winners hold their titles for one full calendar year, until the next group of awardees are announced. Each award winner receives a crystal trophy with their name and title.

Top Performing Sales Team

Air Force Team
In 2017, the Air Force team was under the direction of Frank Lamm. The team included Angie Rojas-Lindsey, Chris Celis, Chris Persaud, Chris Pulscher, Heide Blatchford, Joey Awtry, Kevin Webb, Kristin Mogensen, Mark Gordon, Nate Ruehle, Rachel Lewis, Tom Bosley, and Tyler Kacmarynski .

This team remains the Top Performing Sales Team for the 3rd year in a row and booked a record high amount of revenue in 2016. The Air Force team’s success has not come by chance. They put in the time and effort every day to ensure they remain on top. By the end of the year, they will have made over 18,000 outbound calls, done over 14,000 quotes, and will have over 295 deal registrations that will all result in over 2,600 orders.
The success this team continues to have is because everyone on the team knows their role is important and they execute with 100% effort. Please give it up once more for the Air Force team!


Rookie of the Year

Steve O’Neill
Steve has contributed significantly in his first 12 months of production at Sterling. He brings his passion, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn to work every day. When working a deal, he is creative and utilizes his resources to close and gain additional margin. He stays in constant communication with his team leaders to remain strategic and is a true value add to Sterling’s success.


Top Performing Federal Sales Person

Chris Pulscher
This is Chris’s second year in a row winning this prestigious award. She is a rare find in the sales world, but one that if you have her on your team, it’s an immediate competitive advantage. Her intense dedication, work ethic, the ability to push harder when most slow down, and, most importantly, knowing what it takes to run a successful business, sets her apart. This is evident by the astounding numbers associated with her accounts.

She goes above and beyond every day, creates solid relationships with OEMs, vendors, customers, and her coworkers. She stays ahead of industry trends, and instead of making excuses when told no, she finds new ways to get the yes.


Top Performing SLED Sales Person

Mike Casey and Chris Frost
Chris and Mike are the definition of teamwork, and it shows in their numbers. They continue to build their territory by developing deep relationship with customers and utilizing OEM partners to go deeper and wider in their accounts. Chris and Mike keep our Sacramento Configuration Center busy by selling products and services to some of our largest SLED customers in California.


Support Person of the Year

Alan Janssen
As the Sales Contracts Administrator, Alan has made a profound impact on our business. He is responsible for delivering the contract RFQ’s to sales, giving them the information and guidance to prioritize which ones to bid and at what price, then uploads those responses on time to the customer. He has delivered over 15,500 RFQ’s to sales and made sure over 17,700 quotes were delivered on time to the customer in 2017. His efforts have resulted in millions of dollars in sales contract business, which was a result of increased close percentage from 10% to 20%, and increased margin from 2016 to 2017.


Most Business Impact

Jim Sobaski
Jim has been with Sterling since 2012. He joined Sterling as the Sales Readiness and Training Manager. From the beginning, Sterling challenged Jim with projects beyond the role he was initially hired for, from contract RFQ distribution and administration, to order tracking and many more critical roles. Jim is always willing to tackle new challenges, and he makes sure the finished product is of high-quality and helps make Sterling better. Since starting with Sterling, Jim has been a key contributor to the success and growth of the company.


Engineering Consultant of the Year

Ben Burrowes
Without Ben, we would not be able to take the next (necessary) steps forward to ensure our future growth and success. Ben has organized our Pre Sales team in a way that will allow us to better understand our customers’ needs, and moreover, what they expect from Sterling. Because of Ben’s work we are able to help our customers solve real problems they are currently facing and he has allowed Sterling to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, maximize the power of our portfolio by matching customer needs to margin-rich solutions, ensure we keep our DELL Titanium status by organizing and driving our training efforts across the company, and just flat out helping us be better by allowing us to have customer engagements that matter.